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The extended LAMP development package is a must for any competitive php development company. It is open source software for building web servers. Binary Studio provides you with elegant solutions for a wide range of outsourcing LAMP development services we have:


–   PHP is a scripting language equally applicable for web processors and graphic applications.

–   Perl is used for a whole range of functionalities like system administration, text processing and graphics programming.

–   Linux is a group of dominant operating systems used in servers capable to generate hardware from mobile telephones to supercomputers. It supports various programming languages.

–   Apache HTTP Server is the most famous web server software due to its powerful programming features which extend its functionality.

–   MySQL is a very popular choice to provide multi-user access to databases.

Originally these programs completed a powerful and serious tool for PHP software development. The popularity and adaptability of the tool as well as professional attitude and positive willingness of our lamp developers make the work easy and enthusiastic. We deploy LAMP software development projects using outsourcing PHP and MySQL technologies with fast and high-quality performance of our LAMP development team.

Binary Studio takes usage of the advanced web application frameworks such as Symfony and Zend. Symfony is one of the fastest, most popular and problem-free PHP frameworks that provides fast and simplified PHP web development practice. It was designed to simplify the process and to boost productivity.

Zend Framework is virtually evolving web application library with flexible architecture and modern design. It allows to build independent business-friendly components within stable code base easily and effectively.

Binary Studio, one of the leading PHP development company in Eastern Europe, Binary Studio provides solutions that comply with any challenge of a client. Today any serious company should deal with many programming languages as well as provide an extended system of support. We keep to these strict principles in providing PHP and MySQL web development services and in processing versatile web application frameworks for companies and individuals.

During our development work, we concentrate on data security and speeding up of the data transfer between web applications and databases. We take usage of popular ORM (Object Relational Mapping) libraries like Doctrine and Propel for our LAMP development projects.

Doctrine is an object-relational mapper that provides a powerful ORM solution for the PHP language. It features very broad object-related functionality and simplifies programming by being able to generate object classes from existing databases. Doctrine is also able to work with an object oriented SQL dialect called DQL that provides developers with powerful alternative to SQL.

Propel is also an object-relational mapping toolkit for PHP. It functions as a mapper between PHP classes and database tables and serves as an integral part of the Symfony framework. As a challenging PHP development company, we pay great attention to usage of the most advanced and up-to-date technologies.

What makes our outsourcing LAMP development unique and powerful is the flexible concept of the advanced business solutions we provide you with via LAMP development tool that suits the needs of your business. Our dedicated team of PHP developers represents a well-build creative community of real professionals that have extensive experience using the LAMP stack for application development projects of various complexities. LAMP-built systems can work on servers that use Microsoft Windows. And there is one more point to note: all components of this solution stack are free, so you pay for the developed product only and you don’t have to purchase any additional licenses.

According to independent tests, Binary Studio employs Top 1% Php Developers with experience in full LAMP stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl. Hire Expert Php Developers Today!


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