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The amazing new range of smart phones has made it simpler, faster and more convenient to access internet, shop online, stay connected with friends on social networking sites and lot more just at our finger tips.

There are billions of mobile users across the globe and it is visibly a huge market to capture. More and more softwares are being provided in mobile compatible versions that could work in harmony with various mobile operating systems like iOS, Android OS and blackberry OS. The size of business doesn’t matter, what matters is that the website and applications must be mobile friendly and must support basic ecommerce functionalities.

With the increasing demand of mobile-friendly applications there is an exponential rise for mobile developers and engineers who can deliver good quality and high performance mobile-apps.

At Binary Studio, our extremely talented and dynamic engineers combine cutting edge technology along with out-of-the box thinking to provide innovative solutions to our customers in the segments of iphone apps, ipad apps, android apps, windows phone apps and HTML5 based web applications.

Binary Studio nurtures a highly motivated and enthusiastic team of mobile application developers including iphone app developers, android app developers and HTML5 developers. We hire iphone developers and andrioid OS developers after a series of tests and scoring system only to ensure that we deliver the best suited solutions to the customer requirements and can achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Our mobile applications services tailor-made to suit your needs can expand your customer base globally and make your business achieve greater heights. Let us show you the pool of mobile development services offered by Binary Studio.

Binary Studios mobile development team can deliver high quality products for iOS, Android, WinPhone and Blackberry platforms which can be used in different areas such as:

  • Business & education;
  • Finance & productivity;
  • E-Commerce;
  • Music, photo & video;
  • E-books;
  • Social networking;
  • Gaming;
  • Productivity;
  • Google services.

iOS Application Development

iOS development

Apple devices like iPad and iPhone are the most popular and highest selling hand held devices. By launching an iOS compatible version of your website, gaming application and even in-house applications you can provide better ease-of-use and flexibility to your end users.

We can develop a wide range of iPhone apps and iPad apps for every model of iPhone and iPad as well as any version of iOS.

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Android Application Development



Samsung is the biggest contender to Apple and has proved its metal by capturing a big share of market in the domain of smart phones. Most of the recent Samsung phones utilize Android OS and following that there is a huge demand of Android Apps. It is advisable to develop your application for both iOS as well as Android Platform because that enables you to penetrate deeper in the mobile users market.

We use latest and high-end android app development tools and environment to deliver best quality applications.

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WinPhone Application Development

WinPhone dev

Microsoft’s powerful weapon within global mobile solutions market, WindowsPhone is used by major mobile device producers such as HTC, Nokia, Samsung, and LG. A number of WinPhone fans is constantly increasing and more and more manufacturers begin to use this platform for their mobile products. Besides we should not lose sight of the fact that Widows Phone system is supported by Microsoft who pay many efforts to win a big market share all over the world.  So WinPhone is a serious contender of Android and iOS.

Binary Studios mobile engineers already have a solid experience in applications developing for WindowsPhone OS and can implement your ideas to life for all types of devices.

And it does not matter whether you are going to sell an app through the Windows Phone Store, own distribution channels or will use it for some personal purposes. Our mobile development team will provide you with careful testing on each step of development process and as a result you get a high quality product.

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HTML5 Based Website Development


Normal websites when accessed on mobile device degrades pathetically. This brings in the need of HTML5 for developing mobile friendly web pages that would render a better user experience and rich user interface.  Launching your website on mobile platform guarantees a rise in your popularity due to the large number of mobile users.  Thus there is a niche market for HTML5 development.

With the expertise of our HTML5 developers in developing from scratch as well as re-launching your existing website, it will become much easy to build and roll out the mobile version of your website.

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