Microsoft Software Development

Microsoft Software Development Technologies are most widely used and accepted when it comes to software services and products. We have a vast experience in application development using MS technologies where in.NET, ASP.NET, C#, SilverLight, WPF development are just a few to name.

Why Choose MS Platform?

  • Most enterprise solutions must be robust and scalable as they experience the change in features and growth in terms of transactions per second as well as a number of end-users. This stability and scalability are easily achieved on Microsoft platform.
  • Desktop application, as well as web-based application development, is quick and easy with MS toolkit and development environment i.e. it helps in rapid application development (RAD).

What can be developed with MS Technology?

This is just a glimpse of the potential that can be realized and achieved by using MS technology and frameworks:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Complex CRM systems
  • Interactive and next generation rich user interfaces
  • Cloud based applications
  • Content Management/Document Management Applications




As a Binary Studio Client you Benefit by:

  • Working with a certified Microsoft development partner
  • Maximizing budget without compromising quality
  • Retaining control of workflows and tracking to meet deadlines
  • Succeeding with 8 years of .Net development experience
Microsoft Software Development, Binary Studio

Binary Studio is a Certified Microsoft Software Development Partner

We can provide a variety of Microsoft development services as listed below:

Microsoft SilverLight

SilverLight is an application framework for developing rich internet applications focussing on multimedia and graphics and animations. It is interesting to know that SilverLight is a part of the .NET framework and is the primary development environment used to develop applications for Windows Phones and also some models of Nokia!

We have a technically strong and dedicated team for providing you mobile apps as well as web applications developed using SilverLight to gain an edge over your competitors.

Go ahead and write to us if you wish to hire excellent SilverLight Developers. We can be the ultimate resort for all your requirements.

Microsoft SharePoint

Sharepoint is a flexible platform with Service-Oriented-Architecture for developing web based applications for enterprise content management, document management, managing internal and external portals and internet publishing.

We specialize in customizing the SharePoint applications for your specific needs, integrating the system with external web services and much more!

Developing and deploying SharePoint application is no more a dreaded job if you choose Binary Studio. Allow us to hire the right SharePoint developer for you.


Windows Presentation Foundation is a novel concept and framework for designing and developing amazingly beautiful and intuitive user interfaces for a rich user experience.

It provides inherent tools and development environment for easy and fast application development. Taking a step further Microsoft WPF provides tools for testers to perform Quality Assurance tests.

With the never ending demands of interactive user interfaces and head mounting user experience requirements, WPF seems to be the best innovation from the basket of Microsoft. You can gain an extra edge over your competitors by developing rich mobile applications and desktop applications with WPF.

Hire .NET developers and WPF developers to embrace the challenge along with you delivering the best applications for you.

With a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic Dot Net / .NET developers and ASP.NET developers we are ready to hit the ground and develop trend changing applications for you!