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Binary Studio 06.03.2009

What makes a good sales manager?

How to increase sales, without boring your clients to death? What is the key to successful sales? These questions are being covered in this article.

Networking: sales or communication?

Sales, sales. We all want to make money. And we all are looking for clients, buying our products, services and actually helping us make these money. So when communicating with people, going to these networking events, we actually come there to do business, aren’t we?

Yes, correct. The only point is that people are much more complex than just bank machines, giving you money. And people don’t generally like being treated like machines, more than that, feel bored and refuse to perform this money-giving function. Because people want emotions. Amusement, pride, care, love, friendship, respect… you can continue the list. This is it. This is why we get so much irritated when someone goes directly to business – our desire to communicate, to share emotions is not satisfied. We need to like a person with whom we want to do business with.

How to be liked and paid attention to?

I had some fresh experience which was a good visualization for me of the models of behaviour working and non-working. I recently participated in one networking event. And was pleasantly amazed by the presentations made by speakers. They were real fun, lots of jokes, smart observations. The only exception was a speech of a woman, who took all her time to speak about herself. It was undoubtedly a very exciting topic for her, but evidently not to the audience. And though she took all her time to make a sales speech, I don’t remember well, what it was all about. Why? The answer is that simple: I didn’t listen to a speech I felt I had no interest in, and so did most part of the audience.

Conclusion – don’t sell yourself all the time, speak more about what interests the audience, make fun and enjoy your time together, and then you will be listened to and demanded. And who knows? There is a chance to pass to a business conversation after trust and good attitude is established.


Nataly K.,
VP, Binary Studio