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Binary Studio 21.03.2011

How We Work: Achieving High Quality

What Project Managers Need: Quality, Speed, Low Price

The software development industry is dominated by economic interests. The success of a project is based upon three things: its price, the quality of the work, and its speed. So, the work is to be cheap, fast, and well done. The maximization of all these issues leads to success. Outsourcing is considered today to be the best way to optimize the time and cost. Passing some part of the work to outsourcers will save your time, while their comparatively low prices are seriously reducing the overall budget. So, the question is about quality.

Looking For a Good Choice

When you choose to outsource your project, you have to make sure those guys abroad shall do the work no worse than you would by yourself. It is simpler to hire a team that you have already worked with, so that you know about its strong and weak points. But how to find a new and really good outsourcing company with guaranteed quality of work?

The first thing that you will become aware about an outsourcing company is its experience. Surely, the best choice would make a company recommended by some respected project owners. You can evaluate the quality of the team’s work by analyzing the list of successfully fulfilled project it can announce – in case there is such a list.

What We Offer

Our company is present on the software outsourcing market since 2005, and by this day we have obtained a notable experience of working with various projects. You can see here the list of our fulfilled tasks. We have made a number of strong connections with IT businesses in different European countries, including France, Netherlands, Italy, UK, etc.

Finally we are open to sharing ideas when discussing your project. You can evaluate the quality of our developers’ team via vivid interaction with them – all our crew is fluent in English.


Michael T., technical analyst