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Binary Studio 01.06.2011


We should remember about homeless children who need our help, as they are always open-hearted and insecure. Adult life is sometimes full of boring things you have to do all the time – professional life, personal life. Work, gym, friends, parties so on & so force. You don’t really feel much difference in this routine. There’s only one idea written across your mind – you lose your time. No matter how kind and successful you are, once you are sure to have a grueling question inside.What did I do for other people? For those who actually need my help? What have I done for my heart?

That’s how we came to understand that we lack pure kindness. So we decided to have a charity event, which actually filled our hearts not only with sympathy but also with the goodness we lacked. Charity is not a thing you do just because you have to, it’s your inner wish to help those who suffer in vain. Just because they weren’t as lucky as you. Just because they didn’t have so much as you. Just because their way to normal life is much more harder than yours.

We have recently been to children’s home. Emotions are overwhelming.

In the beginning it was pretty difficult to choose where we should go. I didn’t even imagine there were so many orphanages and homeless children respectively. As it was our first time, we chose a small children’s home with about 50 inmates aged till 6 years. Our idea was to give children things they really needed not just some toys or money. Therefore we called and got to know that they simply lack groceries. According to the standards each child should get 30 gr. of grouts daily. That’s just 2 spoonfuls.

Being kind in their hearts and wishing to grow healthy children, administration exceeds these merciless quotes. Therefore they asked us to bring potatoes, grouts, vegetables and some health and beauty aids. They didn’t ask us for anything excessive. They asked us for food which would help their foster-children grow healthy.

How can you think of closing your eyes to such issues?

Our visits to children’s home remind us about humanity.

Administration of the orphanage was extremely grateful for everything we brought. Having unloaded our gifts, we were let play with the kids. That was the best part of the whole event. For about hour and a half we enjoyed this warm, ingenious and outmost pleasant communication. The children appeared to be very open, talkative and kind. The atmosphere was really nice but a bit crazy, some of them were running all the time, the others laughing and throwing balls or whatever.

It is always fun to spend time with children, especially when they are willing to get your attention and give back a great amount of warm emotions.

We didn’t even have to think any games out or look for a way to meet them and get to know their names. They did everything themselves - came, asked for your name, sat on your lap or just started playing with you. Most of us don’t have any children yet, that’s why we feared a little to start this communication. Though, it on the contrary appeared to be very simple and natural. We even lost the track of the time and when the tutors told us it was time for children to go and have their lunch we were astonished – almost 2 hours have passed.

When we left they got upset, so did we.

But we did feel we did something good.

That is the reason why we are trying to motivate other IT companies to take part in such events and help homeless children. Just because it’s not their fault. Just because they deserve a little warmth.

Binary Studio is planning to start a small non-commercial project IT 4KIDS. The purpose is to gather IT developers and companies who care and organize regular children’s homes visits.

We are absolutely positive that if we start doing good things together, our help will be more essential. Please, do not hesitate to join us!For all the questions contact

e-mail: alexandra@binary-studio.com
Office: +38-062-206-84-61
Cell: +38-066-021-93-46
Acquaintance with orphans appeals to our deepest insights and leaves noone untouched.