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Binary Studio 22.06.2011

How We Work: Interaction Matters!

How to be really effective

It is well known that a really effective team must have ability to intense share ideas and feedback intensively. To begin with, people have to speak a common language in all senses. It must be ensured that no misunderstandings will take place as well as no important info will get blocked.

So, a well-built software outsourcing team should not only master customer’s language of the client (actually English is enough for most cases), but also have strong tides inside, among teammates. Teambuilding is quite important in outsourcing.

Our principles of teamwork

Our company puts special emphasis on issues related to group work. We consider team interaction and workers’ ability for self organizing as key elements of development and testing. In our opinion, not constant supervision, but rather everyday communication is needed for a good teamwork.

Besides, we are positive about the importance of information exchange between customer and the team, so in our opinion it should be as rich as possible.. Our developers usually spend from 20 to 25 per cent of their working time for discussions with clients, as all the important changes and questions are immediately shared with the other side. We feel obliged to let customer be aware of all the details of our project planning.

What you can expect

Everyone wants to be listened to and heard. Weak informational connection with an outsourcer can be a really irritating thing. In software development some issues and mistakes may occur pretty often, so of course project managers worry when gets no or too little feedback from a team.

In our case being transparent and ready for dialogue is a matter of principle. All our software professionals are skilled in English and possess profound knowledge of English terminology in fields of their work. You may check that yourself by talking with our developers via Skype – all of them are open and communicative!


Michael T., technical analyst