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Binary Studio 27.06.2011

Academy Invites


We are extremely glad to share a great piece of news!

After long and accurate selections which, as you remember consisted of written test and oral interview, we have finally chosen YOU!

This means you are invited to take part in our “Academy program”.

It was primarily established as a course, which challenges to cut the distance between a university graduate and a real-life developer, i.e. all classes aim at giving you as much information about modern technologies and methodologies of program development as possible. Moreover every new piece of knowledge will be supported by homework. And at the end of the program you will be given two weeks to complete a project of your own, which will also serve as a final test. When the project is checked we will decide upon the participants who will be offered to take junior positions at our company.

The idea is – you study, we provide you with necessary knowledge, the best and most talented get the job.

We decided to have two groups, according to our major departments, - .Net and PhP. Most of the classes will take place in different time, but we expect to have some common, general classes for both groups as well.

All the information concerning studying process, as well as the schedule will be shared during the first lecture.

Classes are to start on Saturday, the 2nd of July at 10 o’clock. You’ll be given a call to confirm your awareness.  All following classes are to take place on Saturdays too and you are to have 2 max 4 classes each Saturday, though the time might vary. Naturally you will be notified in advance. We suppose the studying process will be finished by 20th of August. But there will surely follow a consulting Saturday (27th August) afterwards, for you to have an opportunity to clarify all the issues you have got.

Next step is to hand in your projects on 10th of September. On 17th of September we shall have the last meeting where your projects as well as general progress will be evaluated and the most talented students will be offered junior positions in our company.

Here's a list of .NET group students:

  • Мирошниченко Кирилл
  • Молодых Александр
  • Гузий Николай
  • Подлинный Александр
  • Стрельченко Мария
  • Хамилов Александр
  • Суровский Алексей
  • Колычев Антон
  • Максим Щербаков

PHP group:

  • Никуленко Елена
  • Михаил Морозов
  • Гуменюк Егор
  • Череповский Дмитрий
  • Александр Губский
  • Цимбалова Анастасия

Looking forward to seeing you at the first class!