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Binary Studio 01.07.2011

Academy. Day One

We finally made it!

At last we succeeded and had the first day of studying. As intended it was Saturday the 2nd of July. Classes started at 10 and lasted till 14, of course we had some breaks.

The first day meant to give students general insight into what our company does as well as what modern IT world looks like. Therefore we tried to give an overview of what the main musts for a successful developer are, not to mention our wish to show what the most important stages of product development are as well as who the main characters in this play are.

The first to take the floor was Artyom Goncharov, the CEO of our company. His presentation gave overview into:

  • History of the company
  • Staff
  • Company structure
  • Our values
  • Goals of academy
  • The perspective

You can also take a look at this pdf file, where you can find all the comments.

Then Alexandra Gavrylyuk, our HR manager performed her presentation in English.

The major parts of it covered the following issues:

I. Academy

  • General idea
  • Selecting process
  • Classes structure
  • Rules to be observed


  • Who are HRs?
  • CV vs interview
  • What makes a good candidate?
  • Importance of English knowledge

You can read carefully the speech text in this pdf file.

There’s also a small homework for our students – Compose a CV. You can download a template here.

The next person to take the floor was Oleg Volkov our .Net Department Team Lead. The lecture’s topic is modern commercial programming. His presentation was extremely informative, but nevertheless a lot of fun.

Here is a short table of contests:

  • Programming and people
  • Customer
  • Requirements
  • Users
  • Colleagues
  • Global community
  • Code for people
  • How we create a product

In order to take a look at the notes, Oleg wrote for you, please, download this file. Moreover here are some open questions for you to be answered.

The last but not the least had the word our PM lady,- Olga Starosotska.

Her presentation was deeply informative and realistic, because she explained basic notions about communication. Which really matters while working in outsourcing and everyday facing difficulties clearing up all the issues with the customer.

Olga’s presentation consisted of several parts, such as:

  • Communication as principle
  • Communication rules
  • Means of communication
  • Issue trackers and workflow
  • Project management
  • Agile vs Scrum


Alexandra G., HR