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Binary Studio 21.07.2011

Academy. Day Three

The third day of Binary Studio Academy was mainly devoted to studying web applications. Three classes took place on Saturday the 16th of July.

The first to take the floor was  Andrew Zavadsky with his lecture concerning basic knowledge about web applications, CSS, HTTP & HTML. Watch videos from this day right here:

You can also download this pdf version.

Next to hold a class was our mature PHP developer,- Sergey Golovin. He explained the students all the peculiarities of jQuery. Here’s his presentation on the topic!

You can also download this pdf version.

Dear, Academy students do not forget to send your HW!

The last, but nevertheless important was Olga’s class on OOP for .NET group.

Here’s her presentation for you to view.

You can also download this pdf version.

Looking forward for your home tasks!!!