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Binary Studio 01.08.2011

Academy. Day Five

We are now exactly in the middle of our Academy, which means that the coursetakers are now so-to-say half-backed. That is, they’ve obtained half of the practical knowledge they were supposed to gain while studying in our Academy. Therefore it’s high time we started drawing some conclusions about the students. Namely we made a kind of rating i.e. we evaluated every HW and made statistics for each group. The next step for us was to explain the students why we did it and motivate them study harder because of the competition. This point came in the end of the day headed by the following classes.

The first class was devoted to Zend Framework and Andrew Zavadsky explained to his PHP group in details most of the peculiarities of dealing with this framework.

Here are a few videos for you to view:

You can also download this pdf version

Next part of the day was devoted to .Net group only. There was a huge class devoted to creating web applications by means of ASP.NET MVC. The class was divided into two parts and two lecturers took the floor. The first part of the class was given to Dmitriy Kushnier a very hardworking and motivated developer.

You can view the presentation here and files for downloading are also available below.

ASP.NET MVC Part 1,2.pdf

The second to take the floor was charismatic Denis Kurilenko .His presentation is to view here and the pdf version is to download just below.

ASP.NET MVC Part 3,4.pdf

To top the whole tasty event Olga Starosotskaya came in the end of the day to clear up all the stuff concerning ratings. The idea was to show the students the realistic picture of what happens to them if they do their best during Academy and what happens to them if they don’t. Actually we want to make progress and offer you an opportunity to. If you don’t treat it seriously, we don’t want anybody to waste time. The only advice we would give our students – try hard and you will soon see the result.