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Binary Studio 09.08.2011

Academy. Day Six

The sixth Saturday was pretty rich in classes’ hours, which totally made 7 hours. As curriculum foresees it, further studying is separate for both groups. So this time .NET group had to deal with Entity framework, which was fully explained by Denis Kurilenko. He also gave notion of Object Relational Mapping, as well as explained its use in Entity Framework 4.

Watch videos from 6th day of Academy here:

You can also download this pdf version

Extremely useful and highly important class on Test Driven Development was performed by Olga Starosotskaya. The material of her lecture covered unit and integration testing, nUnit, Test objects, Fake objects, mock, and anti-patterns.

You can view her presentation here and demos just below.

You can also download this pdf version

The next two classes were designed especially for PHP group. Sergey Golovin explained how to work with databases in Zend Framework on the first class.

You can also download this pdf version

The second class was devoted to Zend forms, its opportunities, object creating, filters, validators, plugins etc.

You can also download this pdf version