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Binary Studio 18.08.2011

How We Work: Price Policy

Pricing Differences Make Sense to Outsource

Countries and regions vary by living conditions, and so do local prices for goods and services. The same amount of money allows buying far more things in Ukraine, than in USA. Traditionally, people who live in a certain country work and spend their money inside it, getting accustomed to the local prices level. But now we have got the Internet, so a person using some skills can work remotely ‘in a galaxy far, far away’.

In business, it is crucial to reduce costs for creating products. With modern communication technologies connecting people in remote corners of the planet, outsourcing is a traditional way to solve this problem, especially in software development industry. Today more and more people throughout the world become interested in computer science. As a result, in developing countries there are plenty of skilled programmers whose rates are comparatively low.

Offshore or Nearshore

Software outsourcing is widespread around the world. But there are countries where outsourcers’ rates are higher and lower. In one of our previous posts we did a small research about countries where software projects from EU and USA are usually outsourced, and average price levels in such places. It also was found that nearshore outsourcing, when neighboring countries are preferred, grows more popular today. US project managers often look for collaborators in Latin American countries, while many European projects are outsourced to the Eastern Europe.

Aside of linguistic and cultural proximity, nearshore outsourcing has another advantage such as good transport connection. For example, it’s rather cheap and takes not much time for a PM from Netherlands to get to Donetsk in order to interact with the team he outsources his project to in person. Therefore, he can make such visits more often, if needed.

What Are Our Best Practices

As an outsourcing company with significant experience in collaborating with European and US software producers, Binary Studio is always open for any suggestions and offers its customers flexible price system. If you want to get more details about it, please feel free to fill this form, and a special payment program shall be created for your project.

We are much concerned about long-term partnership, so it is very important for us that our clients find it convenient to work with our company. We are glad to propose you various discounts to help you cutting down your expenses, because we are sure that both sides will finally benefit!