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Binary Studio 23.08.2011

Academy. The Last Day

The last day of actual classes took place on Saturday the 20th of August. Yeah, that’s it!

What’s next?

Now we are going to have practice done. That is, this week is the last for our students to have their homework done and graded. On Friday all ratings are to be counted. And this Saturday 27th, we are going to have a short meeting giving students an opportunity to consult our PMs and at last get their graduating projects.

The projects are to be developed in teams for 2 weeks and to be handed in on 10th of September. They will be checked carefully the following week and final results will be published on Saturday the 17th of September, which is the official end of our program.  We will also announce the list of the students we would like to hire for junior positions.

But, all this stuff comes next, for the current moment,  the students are to work hard in order  to gain as much points as possible. So here’s a usual report on last Saturday.

The first class was designed especially for PHP group where Andrew Zavadsky, one of our brightest PHP developers, gave insight into what Symfony framework is.

Watch all videos from the last day of Academy here.

Take a view at Andrew’s presentation right here.

You can also download this pdf version.

The next class for PHP group was devoted to testing and had a lot of disputable moments to cover.

Sergey Golovin performed a very inspiring lecture on unit testing. Check out his presentation right below.

You can also download this pdf version.

Next, came .NET group to listen to Oleg Volkov’s lecture concerning software in production: deployment, logging, profiling...

Here’s his presentation on it and some notes and some samples just below .

You can also download this pdf version and notes and samples.

The last but nevertheless important class was performed by Olga Starosotskaya, who this time spoke about WCF.

Here is her presentation

You can also download this pdf version.

To top the whole thing, she discussed with students burning issues concerning home task.

That’s it, folks!