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Alexandra Gavrylyuk Operations Manager 05.09.2011

Top Outsourcing Software Development Benefits With Binary Studio

No matter if you already have some experience in outsourcing your projects to independent contributors or just thinking about such an option, you must know strong outsourcing software development trends in the software industry today. Let us investigate benefits of outsourcing software development.

Why is it so popular today? The answer is regional economic peculiarities. Local prices for goods and services are different all over the world. It is well known that regions with more developed economics and industry and better opportunities for business usually have very high prices for labor. Naturally, businesses are always trying to cut costs for projects as much as possible. The first and the most obvious step in this case is searching for employees from other locations with the same level of skills but lower fees.

While earlier this problem was solved by importing labor force or moving businesses to regions with cheaper labor costs (both ways include certain difficulties), today we have got another great option, remote working. Beginning from the late 1990s home PCs with access to the Internet became a common thing almost worldwide, so technically a programmer living in Ukraine can be involved at work in an outsourcing web development project for a Germany-based company together with several other people which actually reside in different corners of the world.

Remote work via the Internet dramatically increases the opportunity of offshoring software development, giving company owners lots of new options to cut costs. The virtual space allows users interact and cooperate with each other in real time without any obstacles, and that saves huge amount of time and money in the means of business. But when you get something, you always pay for it. Remote work and overall interaction via the Web brings some serious issues which may cause negative effects.

Let us investigate main problems a software development company willing to outsource its project may face. Briefly:

  • Absence of the ‘eye contact’: a good teamwork includes a lot of communication among team members, interaction via email and chats is much less informative (the problem is partially solved by using video calls etc);
  • Difficulty of supervising: organization of the remote work in custom software development is not a simple task, especially in cases when a strong control over the staff is needed;
  • Language and cultural barriers: when hiring employees located in a different country, you have to ensure you are able to communicate well and have the same understanding of the project system (generally, good English is necessary in such cases);
  • Different time zones: when hiring a programmer or if a company wants to hire a programmer from a remote location, be ready that his daily schedule may differ from yours by 5 – 10 hours, which could make it quite hard to manage the project.

As we can see, the question of personal contact is very serious in software outsourcing. Strong ties, active cooperation, rich feedback cause synergic effect in this area. Their absence is really bad for the development efficiency and finally makes the financial gain of outsourcing the project doubtful. That is why communication, team interaction and active ideas exchange must take very much place in software outsourcing (especially in website development when specific details of the design could be discussed endlessly). It should be even more intensive than interaction in a regular team because the disadvantages of remote conversation should be compensated somehow.

How can you ensure high efficiency of your custom software development or web development project when outsourcing it? If you have some experience in that field you can contact your trusted outsourcing partners and cooperate with people you already worked with. If you want to find a new contributor, you need to make a list of your demands to him first (programming languages, skills, level of English, geographic location). Of course you will search for those outsourcing software development companies which are frequently mentioned in the Web and are better known for the their quality of teamwork organization.

We in Binary Studio consider the quality of teambuilding and interactive work organization to be crucial for successful software development outsourcing. Being oriented at long-term cooperation, our company pays much attention to systematic measures to raise teamwork efficiency. We are located in Donetsk, a big industrial and engineering center of the former Soviet Union, which has strong economic and cultural ties with Germany, France, UK and other developed European countries. So we can choose among a lot of skilled young developers with higher education when building teams for our outsourcing projects. Fluent English and strong abilities for teamwork are our priorities. That is why we have a number of successfully fulfilled projects and satisfied customers with our software development services. And we are ready for new exciting experience in outsourcing software development!


Michael T., technical analyst

Binary Studio