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Binary Studio 15.09.2011

.NET Team Meeting. 09/15/2011

Today .NET department meeting was devoted to Microsoft SharePoint. Oleg made a rich information presentation about SharePoint 2010 basics for developers and provided some design and programming demos.

Topics discussed:

  • SharePoint capabilities as development platform for Enterprise
  • SharePoint administration architecture, physical and content hierarchy
  • Development for SharePoint
  • Typical n-tier application architecture in SharePoint
  • Data layer implementation in SharePoint: fields, content types, lists
  • Business logic layer implementation in SharePoint

You can see presentation below or download it in pdf

Provided demos cover next tasks:

  • Implementation of fields, content types and lists in design time within browser
  • Implementation of fields, content types, list definitions and lists programmatically within Visual Studio
  • Using feature receivers for customizing solution deployment
  • Using tools such as IIS Manager, Central Administration, SharePoint Manager.