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Binary Studio 14.10.2011

.NET Team Meeting. 10/13/2011


Today .NET department meeting was devoted to problems of asynchronous programming and parallel code execution. Dmitry made a rich information presentation about various asynchronous programming models existing in .NET. Dmitry made a short preview of new C# 5 language features related to new async and await keywords. He also made a preview of parallel language integrated query extensions and Task Parallel Library Dataflow.

Topics discussed:

  • Basic concepts of asynchronous programming (Process, Thread, Thread pool)
  • How does operating system works with asynchronous input and output
  • APM pattern
  • Event based asynchrony
  • Task based asynchrony
  • New compiler features related to async and await keywords
  • Dataflow
  • Synchronous vs. asynchronous server implementations and their scalability

There are some screenshots from presentation:


How C# 5 async works

Traditional Web reauest handling

Asynchronous Web request handling