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Binary Studio 17.10.2011

Helping to Hire PHP Developers Since 2005

No wonder that the "hire php developer" query returns more than 2 million Google results. Having considerable (in the means of IT world) history, PHP continues gaining positions in the Web development industry, being a commonly used language for creation of dynamic web pages. At the moment PHP-based pages happen to be a major fraction among the world’s most popular websites. For example, a survey covering the top 1 000 000 websites according to Alexa shows that PHP is running on more than 76% of all the servers analyzed. That figure includes such popular services as Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress.com, Baidu.com and others. Such a trend doubtlessly involves more and more PHP start-ups coming up in the nearest future. Therefore more and more employers will be willing to hire a PHP developer and many of them will seek the services of remote outsourcing services providers operating in the web development field.

We suggest hiring PHP developers to work remotely.

When it comes to outsourcing (which serves the need to hire a PHP developer working remote), Binary Studio has much to offer its actual and potential customers. Our company has been performing in the PHP development field since its foundation. We are highly concerned about supporting the highest level of our PHP department in order to make its work more efficient. Two main methods are adopted for that. The first one is usage of up-to-date and trusted development tools. Our PHP programmers use to employ most effective tools and techniques for their daily tasks. Zend and Symphony are most popular PHP frameworks at Binary Studio as these systems proved to be reliable and handy enough for building web projects of high quality with their help. Another method of improvement is based upon the concept that it’s never too late to learn. Our PHP developers are constantly trying to enhance level of their skills and learn something new. Attending conferences and seminars related to software development tips and techniques, as well as sharing the knowledge with colleagues via team meetings, is quite a tradition for Binary Studio crew. You can check our blog to know more about our recent professional training activities and read technical articles about web development techniques we use. You are welcome to join discussions!

PHP department is the second greatest part of Binary Studio, and its members are working with their customers for a long time already, since Binary favors long-term partnerships. Our PHP department professionals have accomplished a lot of successful projects up to this day. A good example of fruitful collaboration is our participation in Shin File Share project. Our customer, Shin Software, is an Italian consulting and software development company. The goal was to create a flexible and secure online tool for file sharing and collaboration. It was decided to hire a PHP developer who would work remote with this project. So, Shin needed a nearshore contributor with high level of PHP development skills and with aptitude for strong teamwork and creative approach to the task. As a result, a high quality product was created. Our clients highly evaluate the cooperation. They say that they had come through some unsatisfying experience when using the services of outsourcing companies before contacting Binary Studio in 2009 and after we began working together, they adopted much better opinion for software outsourcing in general.

You can get more details about our work over the Shin Project here. As you can see we also have more successfully accomplished web development projects to tell about.

The PHP development is our major area of interest as the world usage of this language continues to buster. As our senior PHP developer Andrew commented on the subject, ‘While a decade ago great PHP start-ups were quite rare, today the situation has changed radically. PHP usage is constantly growing; new improved versions are released regularly. We have now a lot of open source CMSs, including Drupal and Joomla, which makes PHP really attractive for people’. Andrew himself started using PHP several years ago for some web design projects he worked at, and now he has notable experience in Zend Framework. In his opinion, PHP possesses high potential as it is open-source and could become a good choice for many ambitious web start-ups.

To tell the truth, the free code sources can help starting programmers a great deal. Today there are many people operating in this field. An employer willing to hire a PHP developer should choose carefully in order to acquire a highly-skilled professional for his project. An offshore PHP development team could be quite a good choice as you don’t have to perform hiring and training procedures yourself. Our company, possessing substantial experience in building high class PHP teams for numerous customers from US and Western Europe, is glad to offer you such a possibility. So don’t hesitate – we will help you to hire a PHP developer or will even provide you with an extremely skilled team of dedicated PHP developers.


Michael T., technical analyst

Binary Studio