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Binary Studio 27.10.2011

Broadening Business Relations with Estonian IT Companies at Annual International Investment Summit of Donetsk Region

Annual International Investment summit of Donetsk Region (20th of October, 2011).On 20th of October our company took part in one of the most important events held in Eastern Ukraine, - Annual International Investment summit of Donetsk Region. Actually we’re invited to represent Donetsk IT companies during the session devoted to establishing and broadening of Ukraine – Estonia relationships.Though Estonia is even smaller than Donetsk Region it is an extremely prosperous and digitalized country. The point is that in this country you can do everything using just your phone and id card, starting from paying your rent and even electing members of parliament. Estonia is a country with the greatest wifi covering. Such great startups as Skype were developed here.

Moreover Estonians consider having similar mentality to us and most of the grown-up generation speaks Russian. The core idea stated by the ambassador was that such factors enable possible and

mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries.The event was pretty informative and broadened a lot our attitude towards this small country.

Around 15 companies were represented during the round table; next representatives of Ukrainian IT companies had an opportunity to have a tête-à-tête talk to Estonian representatives and start-ups.

Around 15 companies from Ukraine and Estonia were represented during Annual International Investment summit of Donetsk Region (20th of October, 2011).