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Binary Studio 28.10.2011

Investor Day

CEO Artyom Goncharov took part in Investor Day (25th-26th October, 2011,  Kiev)

Investor Day Central and Eastern Europe - one of the biggest and most significant IT events, took place on 25th-26th October in Kiev. This event is particularly important for startups and we are going to represent FLP.UA which was developed here, at Binary Studio. The core of the event is competition held between 150 startups and we are going to set FLP.UA forth.

Let’s be more precise about the event. IDCEE 2011 consisted of four parts. During the conference the selected start-ups from the CEE region did not only pitch their projects to investors, but also participated in the start-up competition. Apart from that the conference was dedicated to keynote speeches by the outstanding experts and visionaries, as well as to panel discussions on hot topics.

Investors and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to discuss the projects one-on-one. The most successful start-ups shared the financial consideration of the conference. Our aim was to represent FLP.UA project to investors and potential customers as well as establish relationships with them.

Exibitors hall at Investor Day, where start-ups presented their projects to venture capitalist. (25th-26th October in Kiev 2011).

To give the general understanding of the application we developed, it’s important to know that FLP.UA is aimed at decreasing everyday efforts, spent at dealing with all the documentation and tax reports of an ordinary entrepreneur.  FLP - is a productivity tool designed to help you manage financial information more easily. This software helps in accounting, bookkeeping and managing your income and expenses. These software solutions are used to monitor expenses, create invoices and tax reports, etc.

To use FLP.UA you don’t need any specific knowledge. Therefore the system spares time, budget and nerves. It allows the entrepreneur to check in the data to his account as well as to analyze his activity from any corner of the world. Thanks to our partner – Microsoft and Windows Azure hosting, all the users’ data is surely protected and available anytime.

Designed as SaaS application, FLP.UA was developed using such Microsoft tools as: MS Azure, ASP.NET MVC, MS Silverlight, Ms SQL Server as well as Java Script, jQuery, Ajax etc.

Key-notes from all over the world impressed with ther passionate speeches.

To cut the long story short, we loved the event! There were so many positive start-up examples, a huge number of inspiring speakers and overall atmosphere!  It’s worth noting that we did arrange 4 meetings for FLP.UA and are sure we will benefit from new acquaintances we established at IDCEE.