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Binary Studio 24.11.2011

Binary Studio Supports Initiative Students

Being young and energetic Binary Studio tends to help talented guys who are just like us but a few years younger. This year we supported 1st year students performance called Début. It is a chain of events in which Faculties compete each other in order to win the prize. However there’re different nominations and so one Faculty may take the main prize and the other may be given a prize for the best song or the funniest joke.

Binary  Studio supported 1st year students performance called Début.

Each Faculty is given about 40 minutes for their performance. Only 1st year students are allowed to take the floor. Naturally their show has a kind of plot and script, which usually includes – songs, dances, stand-up jokes, sketches etc.

The students really try doing their best and fascinate the public with their restless youth and energy. They are being outmost funny, curious and sometimes extremely flashy.

Début is primarily aimed at

  • Provoking cultural life of the youth;
  • Development of students’ creative initiative;
  • Identifying young, talented artists, enable them to express their creative potential;
  • Promoting and popularization various genres of the student performance;

The event is considered to be the most popular of all held by Donetsk National University which educates around 1,500 students. However not only students come to watch Début, 10 % of the attendees are professors and university teachers and 30% are guests and graduates. Binary Studio colleagues also went to see the performance of the faculties we studied at and of course we went to see the gala-concert. It’s the last concert in the whole chain of performances. Each Faculty performs only the best part of their show. To crown it all there comes the award ceremony. Binary Studio had a special prize and decided to give it to the Math Faculty.

Binary Studio plans to go on supporting Début and alike events in order to help young and perspective students express their talent and upgrade personal skills. We strongly believe that such talented, charismatic and smart guys are a part of our future.

Investing little by little into our youth, we invest into our own future.


Alexandra G., HR manager

Binary Studio, Donetsk