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Binary Studio 12.01.2012

Second .NET User Group Meeting in Donetsk

Winter holidays are over and so is the period of silence in our blog! We are glad to meet you here – now be prepared for a lot of new discussions and event reports!

Head of Binary Studio HR department Alexandra attended second .NET User Group Meeting in Donetsk (15th of December, 2011).

The main topic for today is last Microsoft .NET User Group meeting which took place in Donetsk, on December 15th. Binary Studio attended this event to share ideas and experience with fellow developers from other companies. The meeting took place within the walls of ‘Step’ Computer Academy, Donetsk, which gave attendees the opportunity to interact with students mastering computer science as well.

Two main discussions were held at the event. The first was about problem Agile Development and was led by Alexander Petrusenko. It covered the following sub-topics:

  1. Software development before Agile;
  2. Agile. Agile manifesto. XP, SCRUM etc;
  3. History of Lean. Lean vs Agile;
  4. Future trends. Literature: some sources you’ll need on the topic.

Alexander Petrusenko led the discussion about problems of Agile Development at the second .NET User Group Meeting in Donetsk.

Next was our .NET developer Dmitry Kushnier who talked about Asynchronous Development. The discussion included such items as:

  1. Main principles of Asynchronous Development: parallel computing, data streams, Thread Pool, OS support for callbacks;
  2. Asynchronous Development in .NET: Begin/End, Event based, Async Enumerator;
  3. Asynchronicity in .NET 4 (Task, TPL, PLINQ);
  4. New ways to simplify Asynchronous Development methods in C# 4.5 and .NET 4.5 (async + await, DataFlow).

Binary Studio .NET developer Dmitry Kushnier talked about Asynchronous Development.

Both presentations were followed by a vivid discussion in Twitter. Attendees had an opportunity to ask various questions and get answers in real time without interrupting the speakers.

Presentations about Asynchronous Development and Agile Development were followed by a discussion in Twitter.

The atmosphere was open and friendly so all the participants enjoyed communication and, generally, had a good time! So the second .NET User Group meeting was a great success which makes certain ground for a new good tradition in Donetsk IT community.

Enthusiasts and organisers of the second .NET User Group Meeting in Donetsk (15th of December, 2011).

Keep an eye on the media, more events are coming!