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Binary Studio 24.01.2012

IT Outsourcing Services Companies In Ukraine

As the share of IT solutions in worldwide business grows day by day, the market of commercial IT projects is boosting. That means more work for software development companies and, particularly, for offshore IT outsourcing services providers.

While in the middle of the previous decade India and China were undisputable leaders of the world outsourcing markets (including such niches as web software development services, custom software development services, animation and game development services), now some new challengers have come forward. During the last several years Central and Eastern Europe (a.k.a the CEE region) became quite attractive for IT offshoring.

The CEE countries have mostly much lower prices and average developer fees than their neighbors from Western and Northern Europe. Geographic proximity and strong economic ties also matter. All that makes project owners from Germany or UK quite interested in finding nearshore contributors in such country as Ukraine. Also, North American companies more often consider outsourcing their IT projects to Eastern Europe, preferring cost-effective developer services to cheap but low-quality offers.

The growing interest in outsourcing providers from Eastern Europe causes the growth of proposal: each year more and more IT outsourcing companies appear in CEE countries. According to CEEOA’s yearly reviews of the IT outsourcing industry in the CEE region, the number of outsourcing services providers continued to increase during the last five years, as the chart below shows:

The chart shows the increasing number of outsourcing service providers during the last five years

We can see the proposal growing faster year by year. Such a variety makes it quite convenient to look for offshore contributors in the Eastern Europe. Project owners can look through lots of companies to find a most cost-effective variant.

According to the reviews cited above, Ukraine is one of the major IT outsourcing services providers in the region. Outsourcing industry is flourishing within its borders. One of the biggest factors for that is the significant difference between price levels (which are among the lowest in Europe) and average software developers' skill levels of (relatively high due to a strong technical education system) in the country.

While more and more IT outsourcing companies appear following the worldwide industry boom, not all of them are likely to succeed. The more newcomers enter the market, the more severe the competition becomes. Finally, only those survive who can combine broad range of services with efficient methods of project management and highly professional approach to customers. That’s why a company’s age is among the most important criteria when searching a smart offshore (or nearshore) contributor to outsource your software development project to.

Binary Studio, one of the leading Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies, has been an active player in this market since 2005, long before outsourcing IT projects to CEE region became as popular as it is now. Six years of constant growth and success helped us to gain a notable experience in various kinds of offshore IT outsourcing services. Binary aims at keeping its presence in most advanced and popular software development branches including:

  • Android Applications Development

This market sector is one of our primary targets due its rapid growth during the last year. Experts talk about more than 150,000 Android apps available today. Demand will be growing as more and more smartphone users appear all over the world

  • ASP.NET Programming

The .NET department is the biggest one in our company, so the .NET technologies play quite an important role in Binary’s life. In our portfolio we have already 10 successful projects accomplished with the usage of ASP.NET

  • HTML 5 Programming

Binary Studio considers mobile application development to be one of the most perspective streams. Currently we are working over our own HTML 5 project for mobile devices and are planning to increase our presence in this sector

Generally our developers master a broad range of technologies including Microsoft .NET, Silverlight, Azure, PHP, jQuery, which are often discussed in our blog. If you are interested to find a skilled team of developers with fluent English for your project, don't hesitate - contact us right now!


Michael T., technical analyst

Binary Studio