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Binary Studio 31.01.2012

Mobile Application Software Development: Yesterday And Tomorrow

Today we can see mobile devices everywhere: people are using smartphones and PDAs in public transport, in cafés or just in the street. It is hard to recall how the world managed to survive without all this stuff about 15 years ago? Ok, let us examine facts and latest trends.

The mobile market is viewed by experts all over the world as the fastest growing part of the world IT sector. Microsoft researchers have reported about 1,08 billion of smartphones in use worldwide in the first half of the last year, while Gartner says about 468 million of smartphones sold by that time and predicts 631 million to be sold by 2015. These numbers may seem not so big, but actually mobile users really mature: Microsoft forecasts mobile internet access to overgrow the PC access by 2014.

Of course, mobile devices are not going to replace common computers fully. Nevertheless they have found their specific niche. Why do people use pocket devices? Putting aside games and cellular networks, mobile devices are perfect for small but urgent things online. You won’t expect a person using his or her iPhone for work with big files or massive data load, but this device is quite convenient for checking your mail while travelling to your office in the morning or for uploading to your Facebook account a picture you’ve just taken while having lunch in a pub. So the swift access to some pages online in order to view or make some updates without being bound to any specific place or network – that is the main reason why mobility is so important.

People tend to use mobile devices on the go for studying, search, communication and social media, of course.

Naturally, the fast growing market is in the high need for lower labour prices. That’s why mobile app development projects are widely outsourced. This sector of development due to its innovative nature requires high level of tech skills and creativity. Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, is now an active player in the mobile OSs development market. Following the world trend, Ukraine now boasts a numerous army of programmers mastering Android, Symbian and iOS.

The usage of mobile devices for networking is much higher in Western Europe and USA, that’s why Ukrainian mobile applications software development branch is oriented primarily at western markets. On the other hand, the quickly growing demand for skilled mobile app developers makes western project owners interested in finding offshore (or even better, nearshore) contributors which propose significantly lower charges for their work while providing good product quality and fast performance.

Android solutions are perhaps among the most widespread projects outsourced to Ukraine, as well as to other Eastern European countries. No wonder, given that Android’s share of the world mobile OS market was 38,5% in 2011 and is going to reach about 48% by 2015 (according to Gartner). In Donetsk, the demand for Android professionals is extremely high today giving the city a good place to look for experienced outsourcer companies for your Android project.

OS Android market increases significantly, fist of all due to a large number of applications available for free.

Binary Studio has big experience in Android development, having successfully participated in a number of mobile applications software development projects. We are always eager to exchange ideas about the Android market today and tomorrow. Is this interesting for you too? Feel free to contact us right now!