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Binary Studio 02.02.2012

.NET Team Meeting 2012/02/02: HTML5

Binary Studio maintains the tradition of regular team meetings, where developers share knowledge and ideas. This time the .NET department decided to discuss the HTML5 tehcnology.

During this .NET meeting we talked about new stuff in HTML5. Pavel Filatov told about new tags such as section, article, aside, hgroup, header, footer, nav, figure, figcaption, time, mark. Also we discussed details, progress and meter tags.  After that we talked about <video> and <audio> tags and browsers supporting of video and audio codecs. Then we discussed new types of input tag.

Next time we are going to talk about new JavaScript APIs such as geolocation, history, local storage, offline application and so on. Stay with us and check for new blog entries - you are welcome to join discussions!