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Binary Studio 08.02.2012

Binary Studio At Wordlwide IT Conference In Donetsk

The Worldwide IT Conference 2012, which was announced earlier, took place last Saturday. Over 150 people gathered within the walls of Donetsk National Technical University in order to know more about latest trends of the IT market and get the opportunity to talk to each other.

The main goal of this meeting was to show students different ways to grow in IT, keep them updated about the latest market trends as well as provide young IT professionals with the opportunity to communicate with their prospective employers. Binary Studio is always interested in establishing contacts with young and ambitious software professionals, that’s why we took part in the meeting organization. Head of the .NET Department – Oleg and Head of the HR Department - Alexandra were speakers at the conference.

Head of Binary Studio HR Department Alexandra  Gavrylyuk  presented  an overview talk at the Worldwide IT Conference 2012 (Donetsk).

In our corporate presentation we aimed at explaining why it is important for business to interact with educational system and vice versa. The reasons are pretty obvious – we are doing the same thing – increase pool of IT professionals. However business has advantage of feeling unstable market trends much faster. Therefore we consider it logical to help educational institutions update curriculum so that the graduates obtain the outmost up-to-date set of skills. We aim at enriching pool of qualified resources not exhausting. Such events are very important for industry growth as the demand for skilled IT staff goes rampant today.

You can take a look at the presentation here:

Binary Studio: Alexandra's Presentation

As it was mentioned before, the conference was to show young developers different ways they can choose as their major. Therefore Head of our .NET Department held a brief report concerning application development using the platform. Oleg gave overview of the tools you should use while developing an application on .NET platform.The Head of .NET Department of Binary Studio Oleg made a presentation about .Net development basics and tools at Worldwide IT Conference 2012 (Donetsk).

Moreover, he showed all ups and downs one can face working with the platform. To crown it all there were different diagrams which gave statistic data about the growing number of .NET developers in Ukraine.

Take a glance at Oleg’s presentation here:
Binary Studio: Oleg's Presentation

Interacting with students and colleagues from other companies was really fun. We shared experience, discussed the industry trends, drank coffee and joked. Lots of new connections were made that day, so this meeting was a big success. We are looking forward to new events!The Worldwide IT Conference 2012 gave us an opportunity to interact with students and also brand our name among future programmers, thus increasing human potential for Binary Studio upcoming years!