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Binary Studio 23.02.2012

.NET Team Meeting 2012/02/23: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Today meeting was fully devoted to nextgen OS from Microsoft - Windows 8. Our developers Oleg and Sergey have shared their knowledge, which they got a day before at 4th .NET User Group in anticipation of Windows 8 Consumer Preview launch.

Next things were discussed:

  • Expected Microsoft  roadmap of Windows 8
  • Metro and Classic styles of desktop modes
  • Metro applications presentation modes
  • Allowed hardware platforms
  • Software platform and developer tools
  • WinRT and WinAPI api's
  • .NET Framework role in Windows 8
  • Languages for Metro applications development
  • Concepts of Metro applications including UI design, execution mode, contracts, distribution

Also was shortly reviewed a set of Metro app examples written on combinations of C++, C#, JavaScript, XAML, HTML5.