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Binary Studio 22.03.2012

Donetsk: Preparing For Euro 2012!

Are you outsourcing a software development project to Ukraine? Perhaps you are considering paying a visit to your team in order to interact with developers eyes-to-eyes? Or maybe you are thinking about choosing a good collaborator in Ukraine and would like to see the country first? Well, in any case you’ll have an excellent occasion to come here this summer! On June 11 the Euro 2012 football tournament starts in Donetsk city.

Being one of the biggest and most developed places in the country, Donetsk is ready to receive thousands of guests from Europe. Multiple hotels, cafes and recreational places are here at your service. With that, there will be no danger of overcrowding as even the central part of the city provides enough place for lots of people. Actually, vast urban areas are a specific local feature – you can check that on maps!

The city infrastructure is quite well developed. Fabulous Donbass Arena within which the tournament will be held is a bright example. Modern architecture combined with rich planting is definitely worth to take a look at:

Donbass Arena one of the largest and the most modern stadium in Ukraine  hosting EURO 2012!

We in Binary Studio are sport-loving people, and most of us love football and visit Arena on a regular basis. So feel free to contact us in case you’ll need a good company! Or come to see our office – it is not too far from the Arena. We can talk either about football or about outsourcing IT projects 😉 Or both!