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Binary Studio 27.03.2012

Academy Opens Again!

Early spring is a high time for a fresh start! New ideas, new projects, new contacts… In Donetsk, spring is also the time for students to think about their future as their graduation time comes closer. Well, there’s a good opportunity – Binary Studio’s Academy is opening again!

Last year’s learning season provided us with quite satisfying results. The developers which worked as Academy’s tutors have achieved some good experience, while our company got a number of new skilled professionals. But what was the most valuable for us – we saw that efficient knowledge sharing is possible! Academy’s success meant that Binary Studio is not just another outsourcing services provider but also a place where new software development professionals are forged.

This time we decided to go further. An intense advertisement campaign is launched using several social networks (most popular in Donetsk). We also cooperate with biggest Donetsk universities and institutes. This week several open tests will be held in order to pick out most talented IT students and graduates. Finally, we are planning to make some improvements in the learning process: more practice, more individual tasks, personal tutorship for all students, etc.

Stay tuned! We are going to share with you all the Academy’s news and updates. Reports about the test results will follow shortly.