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International Outsourcing Forum In Lviv

Head of Binary Studio HR department  Alexandra Gavrylyuk attended Lviv International Outsourcing Forum (March 31st, 2012).March 31st, Lviv. A small blond from Binary Studio attended Lviv International Outsourcing Forum. The event was supposed to give C-level managers an opportunity to share their experience and do the networking. It was extremely interesting to listen to mature businessmen sharing their expertise. Moreover it is always a pleasure to attend a well-organized event full of like-minded people and together go over the bothering issues. As a leading nearshore outsourcing services provider in Europe, Ukraine pays much attention to the national IT outsourcing industry growth and development. Being another step of strengthening ties inside the Ukrainian IT community, LIOF summarized recent achievements of the national software outsourcing industry. Stable growth of this sector was highlighted at the conference while the question of building partnership with foreign IT companies was one of the main topics.

Such European outsourcing organizations as Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative EBA and CEEOA supported the event and performed analytical reports of great value. Binary Studio, as a leading outsourcing services provider in Ukraine, also attended this event in order to exchange knowledge with industry peers. Hi-Tech Initiative EBA and CEEOA supported Lviv International Outsourcing Forum (March 31st,2012) Be the first to know about events we participate on the pages of our blog!

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