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Binary Studio 13.04.2012

Binary Studio – A New Knowledge Partner Of The Outsourcing Verband

Binary Studio became a knowledge partner  of Outsourcing Verband.

Binary Studio, being a dynamic IT outsourcing company of Eastern Europe
is happy to become a knowledge partner of the German-Austrian-Swiss Outsourcing Association (Outsourcing Verband) and the Outsourcing Journal. Having gathered a profound experience of cooperation within German-speaking market, the company is looking forward to expand its business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Since outsourcing to nearshore has quite a long history in the DACH region, Binary Studio hopes that we can effectively and positively enrich understanding of IT outsourcing for companies within German-speaking area, as well as establish new contacts to companies searching for new solutions for their business.

Binary Studio is aware of the fact that nowadays what you earn depends on what you learn. We are eager to learn and to exchange our opinions about issues we face in our outsourcing practice. That is the main reason why Binary Studio initiated a knowledge partnership with the Outsourcing Verband.

Outsourcing enables companies to enter new markets, to tap the innovations and expertise of partners and to become more competitive. Our professionals are ready to help companies from DACH region to explore their nearshoring opportunities and benefits from cooperation with a service provider from Ukraine.

As the economy today is considered to be knowledge–based, Binary Studio helds in high esteem the partnership with the Outsourcing Verband and welcomes this great opportunity to share IT Outsourcing (ITO) related information and best practices with all participants of European German-speaking market. Along with English we speak German and are ready to publish materials in this language for convenience of our readers.

Our practice has shown that knowledge must circulate, and only in circulating it can increase in value. Binary Studio is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with the Outsourcing Verband and the Outsourcing Journal.