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Binary Studio 17.04.2012

Visiting Customers in Zurich

How did I happen to come to Zurich?

So, I had many tasks with creating reports using DevExpress. I’ve never liked creating reports :(. But these reports were a reason why I had an opportunity to visit customer’s office in Zurich, they  needed to to create that report ASAP.


A huge Zurich airport met me after plane.  I don’t know metrics of the airport but it’s a huge one. It even has unmanned train inside.

City has an amazing beautiful historical district. I spent a lot of time just walking on Zurich narrow streets with paving stone. Historical part has an exit to Zurich Lake. Perhaps there is nothing special. Maybe. But it is a good place to relax.

Visiting  customer’s premise at Zurich. City view .

Modern district of the city differs a great deal from historical part. Modern buildings are simply concrete and iron, no particular design, no fancy stuff.

All stuff in Zurich is made comfortably, elaborately and easy. All roads have wide clean sidewalks. There are perfect roads, good bus stations and clean streets. Generally city looks as a rich and quality place.


As for me Zurich food is the most expensive food in the world. So my favorite dish was a kebab. Kebab wasn’t a sole dish; I ate in a UBS canteen at lunch time. But Zurich kebab was number one :), it’s bigger than Ukrainian shaurma in 2-3 times and it’s tasty. There are a lot of places where you can buy kebab, sausage, burger etc.  People in Zurich like snack food, many people eat food in the street, train. It’s normal for them. At least it isn’t bad.

The variety of chocolate delies in Zurich  confectionery shop.


Zurich has perfect transport system. It is never late. It was so pity for me when I was only 1 minute late and couldn’t catch the train. For Ukrainian mentality this is a real challenge :).

In Ukraine I have car and I need 30-40 minutes to get to work from my home (about 15km). It is hard way with traffic jams. In Switzerland I lived near Zurich in small city Dietikon. Road from home to work took me 15 minutes. I relaxed every morning. It’s so good get to work without quarrels on the road :).


Roman’s every day way to the office in Zurich.


It is an international office. People here work from many countries. You can hear English, German, French, Italian and Russian etc in the office.

zurich developers

Funny people make friendly ambience in the office. There is even a dog :). They have places for relaxing – football table, café. I like such modern and friendly office.  But Zurich office has one lack in comparison with Binary Studio - it’s a sony play station :).

I don’t know about Zurich night life. But I know they don’t like to drink vodka except my friend from Poland Andrzej.

Roman, .NET Department, with  our customer’s development lead Andrzej.



Roman, .NET Department

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