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Binary Studio 19.04.2012

.NET Team Meeting 2012/04/19: BDD+TDD

Today .NET Team Meeting was dedicated to delivering high quality software by employing automated testing.

Main topics touched were:

  • BDD+TDD development cycle: Red (acceptance test) - Red (unit test) - Green (unit test) - Green (acceptance test)
  • BDD as a bridge between product owner and developer
  • BDD from business prospective: Gherkin scenarios (Given-When-Then)
  • BDD from developer prospective: making scenarios alive by defining of steps as concise and reusable pieces
  • BDD from .NET developer prospective: SpecFlow as great BDD framework which turns Gherkin scenarios into (not only) NUnit test fixtures
  • TDD as extremely useful thing to make sure certain piece of software will be working (as expected!) after it's written: testing rocks, debugging sucks
  • TDD extra bonus (consequence) - decoupled code and nice system design


Constantin, Software developer at Binary Studio