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Binary Studio 08.06.2012

Pizza Party Or Kanban For Everybody

Who told that engineers are bad cooks? They can cook very well but… using paper ingredients =) Yesterday Binary Studio decided to try producing pizza (!). For a couple of hours the whole staff struggled to crack the art of cooking. We had to serve as many orders as possible and to meet deadlines. As they say “Try and fail, but don't fail to try”. So everyone tried to do his or her best to optimize the process of pizza cooking in team!

Binary Studio members on Kanban training.

Well, to tell the truth this was just Kanban training. All of us were divided into four teams or improvised pizza-bars which competed with each other. Several guys who had already experience in such events were supervising and acted as customers. The training was divided into several rounds. At the end of each round results of each team’s performance were calculated. We analyzed and discussed our achievements and fails and then each team could make a plan how to get better score at the next stage.

Enthusiasts of Kanban training make a plan how to get better score at the next stage of the competition.

The Pizza Game is a widespread type of Kanban training which grew rather popular as a part of Agile tactics development. Paper pizzas are to be made according to strict standards set at the beginning of the game: in case of a minor mistake a piece of pizza is thrown out and the cooks don’t receive any score for it. Moreover, the game has zero tolerance to “products” waste: all ingredients which were prepared but remained unused by the end of the round are counted and deducted from the total score. Finally, the most exciting challenge is that the deadline time for each round is unknown to players – you must always keep your eye on unused ingredients!

Paper ingredients make up for great imaginery pizza.

More details about this game can be found here.

Binary Studio team enjoying Kanban training.

Having proven its efficiency for production and service organization, the Kanban system has been very popular all over the world for a long time already. In software development the dynamic workflow organization with strong feedback is also very helpful – many projects are developed in the situations of constant re-planning, lots of new clients’ requirements etc. Another big thing is that during the game developers are taught fast teambuilding, decentralized workflow organization, constant analysis and planning, and creative approach to complex tasks.

Binary Studio developers creating their own project.

Of course we were quite hungry at the end of the game – it took lots of energy. So we decided to eat some pizza. No, we didn’t munch the paper 😉 It was real pizza, ordered in advance!

Binary Studio team got real pizza as a treat for the training.

The best way to refresh your mind is to change your occupation for a while!