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Binary Studio 12.06.2012

Migration To A New Office

This week has been marked by a great astonishment for Binary Studio staff. Have a new and much more spacious, modern office! As it was a complete surprise for everyone except for the management team it looked as follows: on a usual Monday we came to our office to find the door closed. Luckily, no one had to travel to other end of the city. Our new office is located just a few floors upstairs – actually we are occupying the whole top floor of the building.

Binary Studio team moved to a new, more comfortable and more spacious office

The main reason for moving to a new place was lack of workspace. Since our company continues to grow and we are planning to employ more specialists in the nearest future, we had to face it – we needed a bigger office. Now each department possesses a much more spacious room with a separate exit to the balcony. To express our bright nature, our walls and pillars are colored green, yellow and orange – this looks very cool. Besides, we’ve also got some special recreation zones 🙂

New  Binary Studio office.

Binary Studio developers like their new office (.Net department)

Finally, a magnificent view of the city is revealed from our penthouse.

The picturesque view of the city from our terrace.

There is a tennis table there so everyone can take a 10-minute pause to play a set!

We can play tennis on our spacious open air terrace.

But for air ballons and incredible atmosphere there also was a special cake to celebrate the opportunities of our new office !

Cake to celebrate new Binary Studio office.