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Binary Studio 03.07.2012

Let Us Play Football

We have always been a strong team, but now we are even stronger and what is more important – healthier. Let me provide you with a couple of facts:

  • Since April evebody in Binary Studio has an opportunity to go in for swimming to the best local swimming pool.
  • In May we bought a great ping-pong table and placed it in the open air of our huge terrace.
  • In June we rented a football field and scheduled our games twice a week till mid-September.

Let’s see what happens next! We might pick up basketball or golf or even hockey… who knows?

Binary Studio team plays football as a means of team-building.

Why we chose football as our main sport activity? Well, one of the reasons is its team nature. Football is a very unifying thing – only a well-built team can be really successful in it. Thus it is quite similar to modern software development. As you perhaps know, Binary Studio is very keen about team-building practices. So no wonder we love this kind of game.

Our developers enjoy playing football in the open air.

Of course we were greatly inspired by the recent EURO 2012 championship which took place in Donetsk. We can clearly see now that football events cause immense social effect. And they unite people as well! During the EURO 2012 more than 200 thousand foreign guests have visited our city. Aside of the football games, this was an excellent opportunity to interact. The visitors en masse remained quite content with the city and overall atmosphere of the event. As for us, we went to see a couple of games too of course and did enjoy the unbelievable atmosphere!

Binary Studio management is a fan of National Ukraine Football Team (EURO-2012).

Unfortunately Ukrainian team didn’t score much, so we decided to teach them play right! After all, who said that software geeks and IRL sports are opposite notions?