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Kateryna Semenista Ex-COO 07.07.2012

Meet Mobilex – Our New Mobile Development Branch

As you may have learned from the previous post, Binary Studio has increased its presence in the mobile development field and thus we created a new branch – Mobilex Development. In this overview we would love to share with you more details about Mobilex and its mission.

Today people are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. Mobile device has become one of the most popular communication tools being used by both young and old. For example, Americans on average, spend 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile device, that's two times more than they spend eating, and over 1/3 of the time they spend sleeping each day. The mobile phone device was built to enhance social contacts and network while enhancing business productivity. Thus, many people stopped using their mobile phones only for communication.

Gross income from the mobile apps sales was around $8,5 billion in 2011, and, according to the ABI Research forecast, by 2016 the world`s mobile apps market will reach the amount of $46 billion. Thereby during next 5 years it will grow almost 6 times.

Being aware of mobile market growth and feeling constantly growing demand for mobile apps development among our customers, Binary Studio established a separate branch Mobilex to keep abreast of the mobile trend. Having gathered successful experience in mobile projects we launched a new website.


Binary Studio launches a branch company for mobile development mobilexdevelopment.com.

The main principles of Mobilex are efficiency and openness. Decentralized methods of teamwork organization are preferred; this allows developers cooperate in a most convenient way. On the other hand rich interaction with the customer side is valued above all. The Mobilex’s clients get opportunity to choose the most appropriate schemes of team interaction and supervision. Also, Mobilex is concerned about  development of efficient team building, training methods and techniques. This includes strengthening informal ties inside team as well as encouraging additional training, team celebrations and events.

Mobilex provides a broad range of mobile solutions for various device models and platforms. Its products include mobile apps for business, education, organizational management, financial operations, various leisure activities (e-books, pictures, video, music, sports & travelling), social networking, e-gaming etc.

The main goal of Mobilex team helps people enjoy their mobility without any functional limitations. While a smart device enables easy connection and fast data processing, it also needs good mobile apps which allow its user  handle this data in a most non-embarrassing way. Smart apps for your smart mobile devices – that’s what Mobilex proposes!