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Kateryna Semenista Ex-COO 12.07.2012

Binary Blond In Berlin

Train Amsterdam - Berlin was very nice to take, as it gave me a chance to sleep for 5 hours. Having arrived to Berlin at around 12, my first time in the city… I didn’t face any difficulties finding my hotel and figuring out the subway, to understand reasons I could have faced them just take a look…

Berlin subway map helped Alexandra to explore the city.

That’s what I love Germany for, you can never get lost, you will never be late – transport is just perfect!

Head of Binary Studio HR department Alexandra Gavrylyuk on her business trip to Berlin. Fortunately, next day I had off. A whole day to explore Berlin! I’ve been to Germany several times, but never the capital. To tell the truth I find Berlin very controversial and way too urban. Of course it has some really pretty places? Like Museum Island, but the general impression of the city is – large, industrial, with lots of restoration works all over the city.
And you must be blind not to notice how well tourist industry in Berlin makes money driving our attention to East Berlin and the entire “Berlin-Wall” story. I do not deny that the history is worth knowing, but I felt quite dumb when I saw “wall-pieces” offered as souvenirs.The other terrible situation amazed me much when I saw an Indian boy trying on a military fur hat with USSR symbols on. It seems to me… they are just making fun and what is important money out of history. Is that the way people respect past? The entry into the East Berlin.
The digital lady talked about new solution provided by CASIO in Berlin exhibition. The exhibition took place at a railway station, the old one of course. It is worth noting that the event was very well organized and gave us a chance to meet lots of nice people from the industry. The exhibitors showed off their kiosk and digital signage solutions. There was also held a forum where different talks took place. Most of them contained either some market analysis or advice concerning UI.This is the first digital Lady I met. She talked about some new solution provided by CASIO.  Actually, there were many more big companies to see as well as lots of nice people to meet, which I managed to do during the social night.

Head of Binary Studio HR department Alexandra Gavrylyuk represents our company in Berlin exhibition.