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Binary Studio 17.07.2012

Cherdak Club Opens

Let us introduce you to our new event platform - cherdak!

The word actually, means – attic. That is because of our new location. As you know we have moved about a month ago and luckily, our new office has enough space facilities to let us make events like this.

Some facts about Cherdak Club:

  • The first meeting is going to take place on Sat. July, 28th.
  • The event is free of charge for all the attendees
  • The event is designed for experienced developers
  • The speakers we invite are professional and mature in their field
  • It is going to be fun and relaxing!

Binary Studio Cherdak  Club – event platform for Donetsk developers opens soon.

The question most of the people ask me is WHY???

What is the profit you get from doing the entire job and organizing the whole thing?

Look, first of all it’s my dream. When I first visited IT club in Kharkiv , I knew we had to do it. And I knew our guys would be happy to have an opportunity to attend some events of the kind. So, we did go couple of times to Kharkiv, and then we established .Net User Group together with STEP Academy, where a lot of our mature developers took the floor to share their expertise as well as we listened to guys from other local companies, sharing theirs.

This time we have talks devoted mostly to C# and Agile methods, however we are not going to make cherdak only .Net oriented. We hope to be able to have more events of the kind and next time, probably even more management focused.

Now we decided to have full-day training with talks, workshops and after party of course 😉

We praise our talents and that’s why we are trying to do our best to provide them with expertise sharing and knowledge gathering opportunities.