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Binary Studio 31.07.2012

Cherdak Club: The First Meeting

Mid-summer Saturday, temperature above 30 degrees it would be a good idea to go out of the city and chill somewhere on the beach. But the most popular place to chill on 28th of July was our new, cool office.

As we have recently promised, Cherdak Club opened the doors for the most talented developers last Saturday.

Serhiy Kalinets opened Cherdak Club (28 July, 2012) with  talk about Fubu MVC.

Flavoured coffee and amazing views of the whole city from our terrace that’s what the day started with. Next on agenda was Serhiy Kalinets’ talk about Fubu MVC, which impressed the audience a lot.  The discussion went on and on and we couldn’t help it, but continue during a sandwich break.

The second and the most funny point in our “to do list” was Lean Lego Workshop by Dmytro Myndra and our .Net Team Lead – Denis.

Lean Lego Workshop by Dmytro Myndra and our .Net Team Lead – Denis.

All attendees were divided into teams, who had to function as a united organism in order to deliver their customers the best products at high speed. The “product” as you’ve probably guessed, is a lego toy house which has specification, iterations and different engineers to work on it at each production phase.

Teams of Cherdak  Club master Lean development by means of building lego houses.

As the workshop lasted well into the lunch hour, we ate pizza, drank coke and had fun dancing to the music at our terrace.

Cherdak Club tasty lunch hour.

Members of cherdak club have fun at Binary Studio terrace.

The last and the most mind blowing workshop we had to fight through was C# Coding Dojo. A Coding Dojo is a meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge. They are there to have fun and to engage in Deliberate Practice in order to improve their skills. The point is – first developer has to compose a test for some functionality, which actually doesn’t exist, the second engineer has to fix the current test by means of adding the functionality. When the test turns green i.e. is correct, the pair clasps their hands and gets a couple of chocolate candies. Next the second developer composes a text for imaginary functionality and so they do the same over and over again.

C# Coding Dojo workshop at Cherdak club (28 July, 2012).

But for ongoing brainstorming activity it was great fun!

To top all the fun and make the day even better, Binary Studio gave presents to the random chosen attendees, who were happy to get nice Cherdak labeled T-shirts.

Presents for the most active Cherdak Club attendees.

The after party took place at the bar, where we had an opportunity to chat, have a bite, drink mojitos and enjoy the company. As it was the first time for our speakers in our city, we decided to show them so-called Donetsk Diamond, which is Donbass Arena. The stadium is amazing at night! After a long walk around the city centre, we said good-byes and went home a little bit upset though. It’s like you get the feeling when you’ve been waiting for some day for a long-long time and then it just passed by in a flash.

Dmytro Myndra, Denis and Sergiy Kalinets impressed developers at first Cherdak club gathering (28 July, 2012).

However we are proud to say that everybody liked the event and was happy to spend a whole Saturday coding and improving skills. That’s what our prior aim was – let our developers gain some knew knowledge from experienced coaches and upgrade their skills while exercising at the workshop. And have fun, for sure.

Here, at Binary Studio we do our best not only to hire the best developers but also to educate them. Perfection has no limits.

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