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Binary Studio 03.09.2012

Binary Studio hosts Hackathon

We are proud of our guys!

29-30 of August we hosted another event, this time it was not just a local conference, it was one of the biggest IT events in Ukraine, Hackathon – a 24 hour IT marathon, during which  computer programmers in groups collaborate together intensively on software projects. They start from scratch and end up next day with usable software.

More than 15 teams out more than 10 different IT companies had registered for the event, but only 12 held up till the end. The teams had different but interesting  ideas for their projects, among which were fun, useful and even weird ones J Some of the teams gave up at night, some left right before the demo had started not willing to show incomplete project realization.

Binary Studio team called “Narkomanda” consisted of 9 developers from .Net, Lamp and Mobile departments. Apart from that, one more team had our representative from C++ department. It was a great opportunity for our employees to code and share their experience one the one hand and to socialize and chill out together on the other.

Binary Studio Team - “Narkomanda”  are the winners of Hackathon 2012.

It was great to code all night long side by side and to meet the sunrise on our terrace with really beautiful view!

Wonderful sunrise on Binary Studio terrace.

Apart from this it was really nice to see our Academy project graduates at the event, who came to help their former tutors and stayed with Binary Studio till the end of Hackathon.

Last hours before DEMO and sunrise doubled inspiration of our developers (Donetsk).

But the most important thing is that their efforts were not vain, our teams won first two out of three prize-winning places! Great result, isn't it?

The idea and its realization of Narkomanda's team is really great. They developed a game “Air hockey” – electronic portable version of table air hockey with projected ball and mobile phones instead of mallets. We had fun playing the game during the demonstration and our guests couldn`t help taking pictures 🙂

Presentation of electronic portable version of table air hockey designed by Binary Studio team “Narkomanda” at Hackathon  2012.

To sum up, it was a pleasure to observe our guys working and having fun together! It proved once again that we should continue our social policy which aims first of all at giving our employees the opportunity to reveal their talents and socialize with each other more, and more than that at developing IT community in Donetsk.

Exciting DEMO at Hackathon 2012.