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Binary Studio 21.10.2012

IT weekend

Here's a brief IT Weekend review by Sergey:

I had a chance to visit IT Weekend in Kiev. It is quite a big event for Ukraine. Significant part of sessions were devoted to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and its new API called Windows Runtime. These topics are very interesting for me because our current project includes using the abovementioned technologies. . Besides, personally I am a huge fan of Microsoft.

Opening speech contained many words about great future of Ukraine as world outsourcing center. After that sessions started. There were 5 sessions in the same time but in different halls and each participant could choose most appropriate for him. Foreign speakers were the best as usual. For instance, the talk about correlation between test management and code quality by Rex Black was very inspiring. It was one more opportunity to reconsider views about software testing. I also had a little chat with Rex during coffee-break.

Binary Studio developers Kostya and Sergey  attended  IT weekend in Kiev.

Another speech that is firmly fixed in my memory was about software architects. Speaker was a very experienced man and I understood that it is not just words; he really went a long way to current architect position.

And of course I visited all Windows-related sessions. Everyone in Ukraine who is interested in Windows Phone knows Oleksandr Krakovetskyy and his project Windows Phone 7 Rocks. Oleksandr was talking about new features in upcoming Windows Phone 8. Other sessions were about Metro applications in Windows 8 from C# and C++ perspective and I asked few questions that I worried about.

It is worth saying that we at Binary studio aim at gathering knowledge from the best events available and therefore always sponsor our developers attendance.