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Binary Studio 27.12.2012

Binary Studio Exploring Europe

We’ve just come back from Europe!

Binary Studio team is back from one of the most exciting adventures we’ve ever had. Most of our guys went to explore few of the most beautiful European cities and enjoy the most charming time of the year - Christmas.  So let me give you a short insight of one of our brightest team-building events ever!

Binary Studio team near Bazylika Mariacka (Krakow).

The idea of a corporate Euro tour came from our CEO – Artyom Goncharov, who also covered the good half of all expenses as a compliment to each employee of Binary Studio for the great results achieved this year.

At first it was pretty difficult to decide upon the route, schedule and the general agenda. But Kate - our HR specialist took her time to research on the topic and chose the most competitive touristic company who provided us with the service. We couldn’t make up our mind concerning any of the ready-made tour offers; therefore we had to tailor our agenda ourselves. And so we decided to get to Kiev by train and then switch to bus. Our first sop would be Prague (Czech Republic), next Munich (Germany), Krakow (Poland) and Lvov (Ukraine).

So there we were -  20+ enthusiastic youngsters armed with warm plaids, soft pillows, dozens of movies and overwhelming excitement!

Binary Studio Team on our long way to Europe.

Unfortunately, the weather was pretty snowy and freezing, so we failed to meet the schedule in the beginning of the trip and came to Prague only late in the evening. However nothing could stop us from a great wish to explore the first check point of our journey. So we went to the city center around 10 p.m. The crowd got out of tube on the Museum station and walked the main street up to Staromestskaya square with its famous astronomic watch, but to our great disappointment, we found all of the Christmas Market closed.  With nothing left to do, we had a bite at KFC as if to get charged before the long night. Next sight to see was one of the most impressive and romantic places in whole Europe – Charles Bridge.  After a long and pretty cold sightseeing it was the right time to taste some of the best Czech Beers and warm wine in one of the numerous Prague bars.

Binary  Studio team drinking Czech beer  in one of the Prague bars.

Obviously we got to the hotel towards dawn and had to sleep in the bus on our way to the southern perl of Germany – Munich. We had 2 more days to stay in this incredible city of Bayern, one of the wealthiest districts of Germany, which combines highly developed infrastructure with historical heritage; beers with sausages; BMW with Oktoberfest; heavenly Alps with indigo blue lakes and much…much…MORE.

Follow us to read the end of the story – Binary Studio Exploring Europe.