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Binary Studio 03.02.2012

Software Development: Shaping The Future

Year by year the software development comes closer to become a world’s leading industry, both by capitalization and by importance for society. The matter is that it faces a challenging task – to ‘feed’ the never-saturated market. The demand for software solutions growing faster and faster – and no borders are visible yet.

Software Development Cloud Solutions

Daily life of an average big city denizen is pretty digitalized. In the morning he is awaken by alarm signal from his smartphone, then takes the device to check weather forecast for today using the special widget. By that time his laptop is ready, and he spends next 10-15 minutes checking his Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. After examining all the interesting updates and having a breakfast he takes a cup of tea and opens a couple of Photoshop files. During the next several hours he is busy improving the design of customer’s website. After the daily tasks are fixed, it is time for some socializing in forums and chats.

What about living a whole life like that? This may seem a futuristic fiction but many people already live in this ‘fiction’, and such a lifestyle is quite likely to become mainstream in several years (a decade, maybe). Not that all of us will live in capsules and interact with the surrounding world via computer networks, but each person in the nearest future will have an option to buy a thing or to do the job remotely. So, more software applications will be needed.

Software Development Mobile Applications

Speaking about future – what industry branch existing today will longer remain the same? Well, software development, for sure. At the moment we can see strong automation trends in all corners of society life, so handiwork will be significantly reduced in the nearest decade or so. But how will managers deal with automated systems? With the help of software applications, of course. That means that we’ll need special apps for all possible situations which include the work with technical systems.

What is the most important in software development is that this huge sector of world economy possesses pure intellectual nature. What does one need to start a software development business? Why, get a new product concept, find some good brains and start working. Even an office isn’t a requirement – a project owner can hire a remote team. Such tasks are easily solved today with the help of software development outsourcing companies. Today outsourcing is a great option for project owners from USA and Western Europe willing to reduce their expenditures while keeping the good quality of their products.

A leading Ukrainian outsourcing services provider, Binary Studio, believes in the crucial role of development industry in the society’s life. We see our mission in making contribution to the global process of building tools for faster and better knowledge sharing. We work hard to ensure the uppermost quality of our customers’ projects so that they could be competitive and gain success. The more good IT solutions are created, the faster IT evolution goes. And that means we all can have more nice things!

We are always interested in getting more knowledge, so let us discuss this subject with you! What is your opinion on the software development industry perspectives? Join discussions in our blog!