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Binary Studio 02.01.2013

Exploring Europe Part 2

To tell the truth most of us admit that Munich was the best part of our journey! Of course this attitude may just be caused by the dozens of Beers we drank, but I will try to make you feel the atmosphere of what we’ve been through.

The hotel we booked was situated in the very heart of the city right next to Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway Staion ) and Stachus where the shopping street with its numerous Christmas Market booths begins.  Right after our arrival we went on the sightseeing city tour with a very experienced guide who showed us some of the most interesting places such as BMW museum, Olympic Park, Allianz Arena Stadium, Ludwig-Maximillian University and the great Castle Nimphenburg.

Binary Studio Team went on a corporate trip to Europe and visited Munich.

Back to the city center - the seething crowd mixed with a group of Binary Studio guys  stopped by the huge Christmas tree to enjoy the cinnamon smelling hot wine and crusty, fatty sausages! That is something I highly recommend!

Binary Studio Team enjoyed Christmas markets spirit in the heart of Bavaria.

During the two days spent in Munich we got to know major historic events, ruling dynasties as well as traditions of Bavaria not to mention that we visited most famous breweries such as Hofbrauhaus, Augustiner and Spatehaus .

Binary Studio Team visited most of the  famous breweries in Munich, Bavaria.

On our second day in Munich we had a whole-day getaway to the Alps.

Binary Studio Team went on one-day trip to the Alps.

We started with an excursion to Schloss Neuschwanstein, the castle built on the rock in the middle of the mountain chain.

Binary Studio Team on excursion to Schloss Neuschwanstein.

Having learned a lot about one of the wisest and generous Kings of Bayern - Ludwig the 2nd, we went back to enjoy the mountain view while eating the most delicious doughnuts in the world and drinking heating and incredibly tasty hot wine in the street, just down the road from the castle.

Tasty doughnuts on our way down the Neuschwanstein castle.

Mulled wine made our trip even more fantastic.

Next destination of the day was Oberammergau - a small, cute village with just a couple of streets, where people live in fairytale houses and know everyone by name.  We went to a small restaurant to taste some of the authentic homemade dishes.

Binary Studio Team at lunch in Oberammergau.

As we had to make sure we visited all the super cool bars or breweries in the city center, our last night in Munich finished at 5.30 a.m. and at 8 we were already heading to Krakow, Poland.  The city, though small is full of historical spirit which makes you understand that this is the city of Kings. Actually all the Kings of Poland were crowned here in Krakow.

A visit to Wawel castle in Krakow.

The same day on our way home we made a short stop in Lviv, one of the oldest Ukrainian cities. As everyone was hungry and died to get some hot Borsch, we went to very specific restaurant - Kyrijinka. Which is first of all – difficult to find as there’s no sign of the entrance and you can come in only if you tell the password. Moreover, the place is designed as dugout and is full of nationalistic symbols. But the best thing about it is that we had a chance to cure the cold (most of us had) with hot Borsch, spicy lard and Medovukha (vodka with honey). This stuff is the best medicine for any Ukrainian, you know 🙂

Back home, we felt the trip did what it was supposed to. We had dozens of funny stories to tell, hundreds of photos to show and countless emotions to share!

We would like to thank people who made our dream of corporate trip come true:

Our CEO – Artyom Goncharov

Our dear customers, who let us have some time off and

Everyone in Binary Studio who went to enjoy the most exciting teambuilding event ever! Guys, remember we do this all for you as Binary Studio is not just a place for work, but much-much more..:-)