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Happy Birthday, Binary Studio

Binary Studio celebrated 7th Birthday. Binary Studio has recently celebrated 7th Birthday! For the past seven years a lot has changed, but we are actually the same company, with the same values and priorities. We are still aiming at building long term cooperation with both, our customers and employees. On the other hand now we are  more reliable, more social, more confident and more competitive. And for that we'd like to thank our team for their dedication and our customers for their trust and loyalty. CEO Artyom Goncharov congratulates Binary Studio Team with birthday and speaks about goals for the next year. Even though we are one of the most desirable workplaces for IT specialists in our region, we are still striving for improvement. Recently we`ve extended our staff retention policy, had more teambuilding activities than ever before, gave more social benefits. This year we are going to focus more on educational events, which are aimed at broadening our area of expertise as well as they should also deepen our knowledge. Binary  Studio 7th Birthday  party. We have now reached the point when our youth, ambitions and energy are complimented by high level of trust and experience. To view pictures, click here or just follow @Binary_Studio !

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