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Binary Studio 22.01.2013

Complex web application design

Great news: next Cherdak for Seniority is coming soon!

On February 16-17th we are going to work hard throughout the weekend on architecture and design of complex web applications.

On 16-17 February 2013 Binary Studio hosts Cherdak Club with Dmitry Efimenko who will talk about architecture design of complex web applications.

Rich functionality, high load, quick data growth, high dynamics of changes, frequently changing requirements - all this needs a flexible, stable, and what`s more important - as simple as possible and transparent architecture of the software available for implementation and development by developers of different levels.

Wrong, distorted, heterogeneous in its ideology architecture is dangerous. First of all, the fact that it is difficult and not easy to develop and support leads to the situation when the team no longer "loves" and is not “proud” of their project and starts working simply exchanging their time for money, completely demotivated. In the majority of such cases the project rapidly morally and technically becomes outdated and its development is no longer possible. How can you save the situation?

At the moment there exist numerous architecture patterns and approaches to designing. How can you select the one suitable for your project and the team?

What should you do if you are not the original architect and got distorted, not homogeneous and not stable solution difficult in the development and support?

The training will give all the answers and will provide the participants with information about:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of modern architecture and design patterns used in web development
  • Analysis and justification of the choice of architecture pattern and synthesis of patterns
  • Documenting of architecture and documentation support
  • Predesigned and iterative (agile) architecture
  • Architecture testing at different stages
  • The role of the architect and the sphere of their responsibility in the various implementations of software development process
  • How to reduce the cost of designing and architecture support
  • How to maintain the purity of architecture in the conditions of frequent changes
  • Construction of the design, development and support in the team

At the end of the training each participant will get an individual homework to consolidate and sum up the info and will have the opportunity to check it with the speaker on line after the event.

To read information about the training in Russian click here.

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