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Binary Studio 21.02.2013

Cherdak club February gathering @Binary Studio

As always trying to improve our skills in software development, acquire new knowledge and to be updated with modern technologies, Binary Studio held another training as a part of Cherdak club project.

16-17th of February was quite an unusual weekend for Binary Studio team, because we spent it studying.

Binary Studio arranged training devoted to complex web application architecture design for our senior development team.

This time it took two long but very informative days. Dmitriy Efimenko software architect held the training devoted to complex web application design andon the first day gave the answers to lots of questions, such as:

  • How to select a suitable architecture pattern and approach to designing for your project and the team?
  • What should you do if you are not the original architect and got distorted, not homogeneous and not stable solution difficult in the development and support?
  • How to maintain the purity of architecture in the conditions of frequent changes?

The second day was totally devoted to practice i.e. the team was supposed to design simple architecture of the complex system. Dmitry was a customer, with a very vague project description. Having managed to understand the aim of the system we started questioning our customer in order to get more details about the service and got down to work designing our system. The application involved multiple roles, connections and calls which made the task extremely difficult. 3 hours and 15 flipchart paper sheets later we discussed each solution and together came up with the best one.

Of course the main aim of the training was to improve skills of our experienced developers in architecture design. However, the coach also touched upon the issues of team spirit, which he insists is crucially important for the project success.

Moreover, Dmyrtiy reminded us of the importance of customer - vendor relationships. According to the coach a developer should understand the general aim of the project well. i.e. development is more of an aim and not task-oriented process. Such approach will decrease a number of questions and misunderstandings which usually take place in the process of cooperation.

Here are some comments on the training:

Dmytriy, Leading .Net developer at Binary Studio. "High load turned out to be not as scary as I thought it is :)"

Dmytriy, Leading .Net developer @Binary Studio

Sergey, Head of PHP department (Binary Studio). "Training was very interesting. The speaker touched upon very interesting issues, and shared his rich personal experience in application development, provided an opportunity to look at the design process from different angles."

Sergey, Head of PHP department @Binary Studio

Egor, Leading PHP developer (Binary Studio). "Effective methods of prioritization, goal setting techniques, interesting stories, new solutions."

Egor, Leading PHP developer @Binary Studio

"Team is the best value for the company.

We should constantly work to improve the development process, the atmosphere in the team, removing any drawbacks."

Denis, Head of C++ Department @Binary Studio

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