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Binary Studio 04.04.2013

Cooperation with IT department

Binary Studio presented two modern computers to Donetsk National Technical University.

During one of our educating conferences for IT students the dean of Computer Science and Technologies Department appealed to us asking for cooperation and providing any kind of help we could, because the government completely stopped financing higher educational establishments and the universities can barely make both ends meet.

We responded to the request right away and decided to help the university with two brand new computers, since the computers in the universities are outdated.

Binary Studio have been supporting universities for years, organizing or sponsoring different kinds of events for students. And next week Binary Studio helps Donetsk National University to hold IT Cup for students from all over Ukraine.

We do hope that our financial or organizational cooperation with universities and our active social activity among students will result in improvement of the technical  level students and university graduates have at the moment.

Binary Studio HR specialist Kateryna Potanina with Anoprienko Aleksandr Yakovlevich - the dean of Computer Science and Technologies Department of   Donetsk National Technical University.