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Binary Studio 17.05.2013

Cherdak club Lego Specifications Game!

This time at Cherdak club we worked hard to improve our Business Analysis skills i.e. we trained to analyze customer specifications.  We believe that understanding customer needs is a crucial point of every project. You are sure to face difficulties while struggling through the tough texts. The specification issue is vital as it is one of the major means to enable project development process.

The participants of Cherdak Club build Paris quarter using Lego bricks.

Every team is sure to have experienced hard times while distributing user stories, prioritizing tasks and getting customer feedback.  This is something the team should fight to improve productivity. To help this happen we invited experienced coach from Microsoft Ukraine - Dmytro Mindra, who has already participated in one of our previous Cherdak Club meetings.Developers devided into 5 teams to brainstorm their ideas  at Cherdak club.

The 4 hour training started with a few questions about what actually makes a great specification. There were 5 teams participating, 5-6 people each. Our first talk was to build Paris quarter using Lego bricks!  When the time was out, we had to check each other’s Lego mock-ups.  Next we had to do the Paris quarter mock-up again taking into consideration customer’s feedback.

DEMO and discussion of projects architecture.

At last, when we improved the process a lot, we had an opportunity to represent our own products i.e. we had to implement our ideas in a Lego mock-up and present it to the audience. That was the funniest part of Cherdak club meeting!